Dina Belle Progression AHA Anti Aldring Maske

Dina Belle Progression AHA Anti Aldring Maske



The AHA Champhor Mask seems firming and exfoliating, as well as regulating sebum production.

This mask contains AHA and Vitamin E which provides a rejuvenating effect on the skin.


Improves skin strength and firmness.

Binds moisture

Improves skin texture and contributes to reduced pores.

Fine both for a young and adult skin.


Clean face before use.

Tear off the top of the package and remove the face mask.

Aim at the nose area and apply the mask evenly from the central area of ​​the face until it covers the entire area.

When the mask is applied to the entire face, gently remove the plastic overlying the mask and allow the mask to sit for about 15-20 minutes.

Remove the mask and press / massage the remaining product into the skin until you feel that the active ingredients are completely absorbed.

Can be used regularly depending on the skin situation.

Shelf life for 2 years.

Main Ingredients:


fruit Oxygen

Aloe Vera


agursk extract


AH,3 mm.


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